We get it, you’re tired. Exhausted from the task of taking care of your sick parent or having to deal with the shenanigans of a younger sibling who seems not to care the direction his life is taking. We understand your struggle to get a bus/car ride to work every morning, dealing with the smoke, noise and body stench from the passenger next to you who probably hasn’t had a good bath before deciding to invade your sensitive nostrils early this morning. We understand that your stomach is growling from skipping breakfast and you’d not be able to eat until you arrive at work and this makes you really cranky. We get that somehow, your well-worn shoes decided to lose its buckle on your way to work, forcing you to get barefoot and hurt your feet. We know, we know, we know…


We expect that when we come to you, we want to see you composed and ready to hear us because that is your job and it is what you’re paid to do. We expect to not be hissed at and dismissed in a nonchalant way and told to go “over there”(wherever that is!) to sort out our own problems ourselves. We do not particularly like being spoken to rudely because we are the ones responsible for making sure you take home something to deal with the everyday inconveniences that life throws at you. We appreciate a warm smile, a kind word and quick help to any complaints we bring to you. The truth is that we come to you with complete trust, confident that you have the answer to our problem and knowing you alone hold the key to solving it promptly. Why don’t you make more of an effort to represent your organization better? Do you not realize your job as a “Customer Care” personnel is of huge importance because we see your organization as you and how you relate with us? So do you blame us when we get upset and voice our displeasure at your seeming apathy or when we resort to raised voices so we can get through to your seeming deafness to our enquiries and pleas for help.

Let us be kind to ourselves, we need you to do your job as efficiently as you were hired for. You also need us to keep coming back with our business just so you remember it is us who keep you busy and so expect to be treated with courtesy.
We are your customers and we say, “No to bad customer care!”

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