In a proper club, if a 22 year old wins the “Player of the Month” award in 3 out of first 5months of a football season:

-he wont rot on the bench for the next 2 months because his manager signed a Bosman-free 29 yr old in the January transfer window.

-we wont also be reading rumors about his discontent and not signing a new 5 year contract.

But that is not the case in José Felix Mourinho’s Manchester United. Dont mind what your MCM says, think for yourself.

The shameless ones will tell you he is inconsistent, let us debunk this myth, shall we?

  • Anthony Martial has the highest goal involvement ratio in that ENTIRE squad. [FACTS]
  • The lad is United’s most potent source of attack in the current 2017/2018 EPL season as evidenced by this stat from


  • Bar Lukaku [that is me being generous], show me one consistent player in that entire United squad, heck the manager has been inconsistent himself, probably the most confused since David Moyes.
  • Anthony Martial played almost every game under Louis Van Gaal, who has a ruthless streak of coming down hard on “lazy” players. He got rid of Rivaldo, Di Maria and even showed his balls to Luca Toni at Bayern Munich to tell him he has enough “balls” to drop him…but he loved Martial?
  • Anthony Martial has more goals and assists than Jesse Lingard and even Alexis Sanchez who has taken his place on the left.

Some of you will refer to his last season inconsistencies too, I might ask at this point “how many of you are married?”, id go further to ask, how many were married at 20 years old? Now if you understand the pressures of handling a failing marriage and the media scrutiny that came with it. Did Martial get the same “warm-reception-regardless” that greets the likes of Marouanne Fellaini [whom Mourinho praised for his “efforts” despite being sluggish & giving away a penalty in the match against Liverpool after coming on] and Ashley Young in United colors?

We have seen this narrative play out before with Cristiano Ronaldo in Madrid, Eden Hazard in Chelsea and if to bring it to the United fold, Luke Shaw.

Hence, my new default response to those

“Martial is inconsistent”

“The coach knows better”

“Martial should man up”,etc, jibes is now set:

HAVE SOME SHAME. End of discussion, lets pay more attention to the facts and not the agenda

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