WOMAN II: Looking at the world.

Looking at d strength embodied in a woman,one wonders if God was a woman.
Imagine what life would be,in a world without women;as empty as a ghost town & occupied by the decorum of a graveyard,isn’t it?

She is indispensable,yet grossly disrespected.
She walks around for 9 months,with another life form inside of her, constantly loosing touch of who she really is mentally & physically. living life thinking of more than one person’s sustenance, health and what not.

The sight and pain of child labour;thin line drawn between life & death.
At the time,so unsure of her own survival,just to ensure the survival of another,a newborn’s arrival.

At last the baby’s arrival is announced and you DARE say, “IT’S A GIRL & NOT A BOY”,with disappointment looming in space.

If your mother was never born,your existence would have been…An outright impossibility.

They should therefore be respected, cared for and protected.

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